AfterCare is fun and exciting at St. Columba’s

AfterCare is available for the pre-primary and primary school children and is held on the school premises until 5:30pm. After school the children are given a well balanced, cooked meal and some juice.
After lunch the Pre-Primary children go and watch a video until 3pm, where they can unwind and rest from their busy day. They then go and play in the Pre-Primary playground.

The children from Grade 1 to Grade 7 are divided up into their grades and move into different classrooms where they do their teacher-supervised homework until the bell rings at 3pm. The children are encouraged to complete the set homework tasks during this time, including doing some of their reading for the teacher in charge. This makes home time more quality time for the working parent. At 3pm these children go out onto the big field and have free time to run around and play or just to socialise.

At 3:45pm all the children are given a drink of juice and a snack—fruit, jelly and custard, biscuits or doughnuts.

The children are supervised at all times – whilst eating, doing homework, watching videos and outside on the playground.


An addition to our AfterCare facility is HolidayCare. This is run during the April and August holidays on a full day basis—7:30am to 5pm. This again is fully supervised by multiple staff members. A less formal structure applies to the HolidayCare and the children have fun-filled days where they do arts and crafts, watch videos, read, play games, play with each other, have concerts, bake and many more interesting things.
Whilst they have a cooked lunch and the 3:45pm snack as per the AfterCare programme, they are also allowed to bring snacks and sweets from home. The “holiday” tuck shop is opened once a day where they can buy lots of goodies and treats not sold during the term.

AfterCare and Holiday Care are run on a monthly basis but allow for casual days as well. Thus should you not need your child to be looked after every day of the week either during the term or in the holidays you can book them in on a casual basis to ensure that they are cared for when you are busy.

Both AfterCare and Holiday Care provide a valuable service to the working parents of St Columba’s and you can rest assured that your precious children are in the very best care!