Junior Primary School

002Grade One introduces the children to a more formalised learning environment with the school day becoming more structured. Here they are introduced to many new concepts including word recognition, basic spelling, reading and the basic principles of Mathematics. Reading is a big priority and there is always great excitement when the Grade Ones begin to show off their new reading and writing skills at home and at school.

Grade Two builds onto the concepts learnt in Grade One and expands into more advanced spelling, reading and mathematics. eg New concepts are explored and expanded on with times tables being introduced too. The children are given more challenging questions to continue developing their comprehension skills. Cursive handwriting is introduced in this phase.

Grade Three being the final year in the Junior Phase has an important role in preparing the children for the Senior Primary Phase. Here responsibility and the ability to work independently is encouraged. Subjects like History, Geography and Science are now introduced as individual subjects. Along with the academic subjects the children are also involved in Art, Design & Technology, Computers, Music, Speech & Drama, Active Education and Physical Education.

As reading is greatly encouraged at St Columba’s each class goes to a Library period once a week. Our motivated and qualified Junior Primary Staff dedicate themselves to giving each child a solid grounding and happy school experience in an exciting and stimulating environment, encouraging the children to learn and grow on a daily basis.