Senior Primary School

IMG_9220Our highly motivated and qualified teachers, teach Mathematics, English, Afrikaans, Natural Sciences, History and Geography. In addition to this Religious Education, Computers, Zulu, Design & Technology, Music, Physical Education, Art and Speech & Drama make up the curriculum.

A library period is included every week in keeping with the school’s emphasis on reading skills.

As the child progresses from Grade 4 to Grade 7 skills previously taught in the lower grades are built upon. Skill level as well as volume of work increases accordingly from one grade to the next.

There is a heavy focus on Mathematics and English, comprehension skills being vitally important as the children need to read and understand to be able to learn. Mathematical skills are developed and problem solving is extended.

Assessment within this senior phase is achieved through a number of activities namely group work, tests, assignments in class and individual projects.

The aim within this senior phase is to develop a well rounded individual who is able to work to their full potential. Through Grade 4 to 7 confidence is built by the encouragement of free expression, both verbally and creatively.

Our children are able to go to any high school, as they can face challenges on an academic as well as an emotional level.