Bronwen Marcon - Principal

Bronwen Marcon

Linette Roets - Deputy Principal Pre-Primary School

Linette Roets

Nikki Witthaus - Grade 6 Teacher and Deputy Principal Primary School

Nikki Witthaus

Pauline Oliver - Business Manager

Pauline Oliver

Natalie Broodryk - Grade 0 Teacher , HOD Pre-Primary

Natalie Broodryk

Gerda Sutherland - Grade 1 Teacher, HOD Junior Primary

Gerda Sutherland

Debbie Hauptfleisch - Grade 7 Teacher, HOD Senior Primary

Debbie Hauptfleisch

Dominique Harding - Secretary

Dominique Harding

Karien Henning - Bursar

Karien Henning

Anne Young - Secretary

Anne Young

Fr. David - Chaplain

Fr. David Evans

Dr Tania Holz - Educational Psychologist

Dr Tania Holz

John Harrison - Estate Manager

John Harrison

Hanele Van Wyk - Grade 00 Teacher

Hanele Van Wyk

Leanne Hogg - Grade 0 Teacher

Leanne Hogg

Elza Van Aardt - Grade R Teacher

Elza Van Aardt

Lana Nielson - Grade R Teacher

Lana Nielson

Sharon Mahasha - Pre-Primary Aftercare

Sharon Mahasha

Jackie Wetherdon - Grade 1 Teacher

Jackie Wetherdon

Phindile Mbonani - Pre-Primary Aftercare and Grade 1 assistant

Phindile Mbonani

Caitlin Conway - Grade 2 Teacher

Caitlin Conway

Nikita Caldeira - Grade 2 Teacher

Nikita Caldeira

Jessica Bezuidenhout - Grade 2 Teacher

Jessica Bezuidenhout

Stacey Meyer - Grade 3 Teacher

Stacey Meyer

Leigh Korsman - Grade 3 Teacher

Leigh Korsman

Sarah Couch - Grade 3 Teacher

Sarah Couch

Marrianne DuPlessis - Music

Marrianne DuPlessis

Jacob Mokoena - Computers and Design and Technology

Jacob Mokoena

Sue Hunter - Grade 4 Teacher

Sue Hunter

Ursula Virgili - Grade 4 Teacher

Ursula Virgili

Kim Harrison - Grade 5 Teacher

Kim Harrison

Natalie Mulholland - Grade 5 Teacher

Natalie Mulholland

Kerryn Tempest - Grade 6 Teacher

Kerryn Tempest

Andrie Fouche' - Grade 7 Teacher

Andrie Fouche’

Debra Wesseloo - Grade 7 Teacher

Debra Wesseloo

Justin Oliver - Maintenance

Mandlenkosi Hlabisa

Christa Venter - Afrikaans Teacher Grade 6-7

Christa Venter

Angela Kilroe - Academic Support

Angela Kilroe

Ailsa McLean - Library and Drama

Ailsa McLean

Jason Bodley - Head of Sport

Jason Bodley

Nomsa Modipane - Zulu Teacher

Nomsa Modipane

Lucy Mohlaping - Maintenance

Lucy Mohlaping

Monica Maseko - Maintenance

Monica Maseko

Pumzile Malinga - Maintenance

Pumzile Malinga

Nonhlanhla Lembethe - Maintenance

Nonhlanhla Lembethe

Nurse Monareng - Maintenance

Nurse Monareng

Vivian Mashala - Maintenance

Vivian Mashala

Raymond Tshehla - Maintenance

Raymond Tshehla

Wilson Setlau - Bus Driver

Wilson Setlau

Francisco Chauke - Maintenance

Francisco Chauke

Zepheniah Ndhlovu - Maintenance

Zepheniah Ndhlovu

Mandlenkosi Hlabisa - Maintenance

Mandlenkosi Hlabisa

Petro Marais - Aftercare

Petro Marais

Rianna Tosoni- AfterCare

Rianna Tosoni